Dr. Charles Miller 
Owner, VeterinarianDr. Charles Miller
Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Charles Miller has always had others’ interests at heart—before becoming a veterinarian, he worked as a registered respiratory care practitioner for 13 years, specializing in neonatal and pediatric critical care. When he began contemplating a career change, it only made sense to combine his love of medicine with his lifelong adoration of animals. Veterinary medicine was the perfect choice! Now, Dr. Miller has been serving the pets and animal owners of the area for nearly 25 years.

Dr. Miller grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia before moving to Durham with his mother and two sisters. He first joined the Triangle Veterinary Hospital team as an undergraduate student in the late 1980s, using the real-world experience he gained here to prepare himself for veterinary school. Next, Dr. Miller attended North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to earn his Doctorate. Shortly after graduating in 1992, he joined the Triangle Veterinary Hospital family as a licensed veterinarian and became the practice owner four short years later.

Medically, Dr. Miller is interested in orthopedic, soft-tissue, and laparoscopic surgeries, internal medicine, oncology, and endoscopy. He also likes staying current on the constant advancements in veterinary healthcare and passing this knowledge on to his clients. Most of all, Dr. Miller enjoys interacting directly with his patients and their owners on a daily basis.

Dr. Miller is an avid runner, cyclist, gardener, and car and motorcycle aficionado. He enjoys decorating his new home and spending time with his puppy Magic and a new kitten named Kobe.

Dr. Katrina Posey 
Associate VeterinarianDr. Katrina Posey
Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Katrina Posey grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina, and spent much of her childhood exploring the ecology of the ocean and surrounding marshes. Her father works as a marine biologist, and taught Dr. Posey to love and appreciate the sciences early on in life. By the time she started working with a local veterinarian and volunteering at a shelter during high school, Dr. Posey knew that a career in veterinary medicine was the perfect choice for her!

Dr. Posey earned her undergraduate degree in biology and a minor in chemistry from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, then attended North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to receive her doctorate. She graduated in the spring of 2015, then enrolled in a year-long small-animal rotating internship in Charlotte. In 2016, Dr. Posey returned to the Triangle area to begin her career in general practice, and was happy to become a full-time member of the compassionate and skilled Triangle Veterinary Hospital team shortly afterward.

Medically, Dr. Posey is fond of geriatric care and has a special place in her heart for our older, grey-muzzled companions. She’s also passionate about feline medicine, pain management, oncology, and internal medicine. Most of all, Dr. Posey likes passing on her knowledge to loving pet owners so that they can keep their beloved animal friends healthy in the long-term.

Outside of her interests in veterinary medicine, Dr. Posey enjoys kayaking, swimming, reading, playing board games with friends, and spending time with her fiancé and pets at home. She has a guinea pig who goes by Moose, as well as two loveable cats: Jezebel is very outgoing, and will talk to anyone as soon as they come in the door; Maddie is the shy one of the pair and prefers to wrestle with her sister or relax in her cat tree.

Dr. Max Gordon 
Associate VeterinarianDr. Max Gordon
Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Max Gordon has enjoyed the company of animals for as long as he can remember, and he’s always wanted to give something back. He’s known since his high school years that he wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine! Now, Dr. Gordon is proud to better the lives of Durham’s pets and animal owners as one of Triangle Veterinary Hospital’s Associate Veterinarians.

Originally from a small town in central Connecticut, Dr. Gordon began his education at the University of Maryland, where he started as a biology major before transitioning into an animal and avian studies major. He worked at several nearby veterinary clinics and nutrition-focused laboratories during his undergraduate studies, gaining crucial real-world experience that has benefited him to this day. Dr. Gordon then headed to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to earn his Master’s degree from Drexel University, again working part-time at a nearby animal clinic in his time away from class. Finally, Dr. Gordon attended Tufts University in Massachusetts to earn his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Gordon completed multiple externships here at Triangle Veterinary Clinic and also shadowed Dr. Miller during his schooling. When an opportunity arose to join the team as a full-time Associate Veterinarian, Dr. Gordon jumped at the chance! He’s been a part of the hospital family since the spring of 2015, and is particularly fond of internal medicine cases and soft-tissue surgery. Dr. Gordon also likes having the chance to treat a wide variety of pets during his days here at the clinic.

In his time away from work, Dr. Gordon enjoys spending time with his beloved Norwich terrier, Calvin; rock climbing at the Triangle Rock Climb; and running long-distance. He already has five marathons under his belt, and plans on completing many more in the future!

Originally from Europe, Lorena first came to the United States 35 years ago to help her husband manage an American Paint Horse ranch in northern Durham. Through plenty of hard work and dedication, Lorena came to adore the devotion and love that she received from the animals she cared for. She’s known that pet care was her true calling ever since!

Lorena was born in Padova, Italy and also spent time in Germany as a child after her parents moved there. In addition to English and Italian, she also speaks German and even a bit of French!
Lorena first joined the Triangle Veterinary Hospital team in 2004 after being referred here by a friend and client. She serves as the Hospital Manager, and her favorite part of the work is getting to see happy, healthy pets be returned to their loving and appreciative owners.

Lorena and her husband, Charles, live in Haw River. They have two grown sons, Franco and Marco.

Team Lead – Veterinary Technicians, Kennel StaffReggie
Team Lead – Veterinary Technicians, Kennel Staff

For Reggie, caring for animals isn’t just a hobby, or even a career. It’s something that brings joy to his heart on a daily basis—he simply can’t imagine doing anything else! Reggie has been caring for the area’s pets here at Triangle Veterinary Hospital for 18 years.

A Durham native, Reggie first entered the human healthcare field after high school, serving as a nursing assistant in various retirement homes. It didn’t take him long, though, to realize that something was missing. That something was animals! Reggie joined the Triangle Veterinary Hospital family in the fall of 1998, and has been here ever since.

Reggie has been married to his wife, Monica, for over 20 years. The couple has four sons, two of whom have followed in their father’s footsteps and entered the veterinary field themselves. Reggie and his family share their home with a dog named Dakota.