In North Carolina, year round heartworm prevention is essential. Heartworms are spread by mosquitos and so even indoor only cats can be infected. We see mosquitos in our area year round so prevention must be maintained year round to keep your dog or cat from contracting heartworm disease. There are many good options for heartworm preventatives available, talk to one of our veterinarians to determine which is best for your pet.


Prevention is the best way to keep your house, your pets and you flea free. In some areas, it is not essential to maintain year round flea and tick prevention, but as spring and warmer weather is approaching, so do the flea and ticks. It is now time to restart your flea/tick prevention if you stopped for the winter. We are starting to see fleas come back with the weather change, so call today to discuss what preventative option would be best for your pet!

Call our office at 919-489-2391 to make an appointment if you have concerns or questions in regard to fleas and ticks.